Customization and specific developments

Many executives constantly evaluate issues such as quality and cost of developments internally provided in IT and compare with a scenario of complete or partial outsourcing of development services.
Specific developments and customizations software when defined in a business strategy format, become an essential tool to increase both productivity and profitability, often providing greater competitive advantage. Ensure the development of our customers with quality and right cost, freeing the customer to give focus to his business, it is our goal, providing for the customer:

• Reductions in delivery times.
• Reductions in costs involved.
• Facility future maintenance.
• Developments 100% documented.
We perform specific developments and customization using platforms:
• Infor Tools para Baan IV
• Infor Tools para ERP LN
• Visual Basic
• Microsoft Net
• Delphi
• Java + related technologies
• ASP Net
• Visual Age - Cobol
• C#
• And other technologies

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