Infor BI is an information management tool that allows you to make better decisions and improve your business processes by providing meaningful and timely information to decision makers throughout the organization.

Infor BI allows you to direct the right information to the right people at the right time so that decision makers across your organization, can identify new business opportunities and make decisions with the best information.

With Infor BI, decision makers improved their ability to:

• Get critical business information.
• Filter and analyze data for better decision making.
• Post information across the organization at any time, anywhere.
• Reload reporting and analysis in a timely manner without the need for IT resources.
• Merge data from multiple sources in a single report.
• Quickly turn raw data into valuable information.
• Plan and design your business.

A customizable front end. You can create your own browser-based dashboards for self-service analytics, management reports, data visualization, and application content. You also get the ability to deliver rich dashboards and data visualizations to mobile users via an iPad® and for power users in Excel®, or via a web browser.

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