INFOR d/EPM – Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management

In today's business world saturated with information, the important thing is to have information you can trust, just when you need them. Infor d / EPM simplifies and accelerates the process of finding and modeling of the data, bringing the information where and when you need it can make them visible to all who need it, regardless of whether the data is: ERP, CRM, WMS, Excel or on another system of your organization's information.

Discover how to improve the quality and speed of their planning, budgeting, queries and reports.

What is INFOR d/EPM?

It is a Corporate Performance Manager, a software that helps you in the search, analysis and presentation of data, freeing the chaos, for the user, that is keeping several spreadsheets.

Infor d/EPM collects data in real time, from your source applications and converts them into business views through a set of integrated solutions with a simple and easy interface to the end user.

Every time you make a change, since change a sales order or change an inventory status, the information is updated automatically. You have in real time, a single version of the truth through a software that is pre-built to take advantage of innovative technologies such as mobility, big-date and in-memory computing.

The Strategic Planning module Infor d / EPM provides the framework to relate visibly strategic plans to tasks, budgets, measures, people and goals for responsible performance. With this corporate performance management solution, businesses identify which strategies and tactics are working and which are not, allowing the adaptation of actions and resources, as needed, to successfully turn strategy into action.

Through the collaboration of the entire organization, Infor Budgeting module d / EPM leverages the best ideas in your organization during the business planning. Predicting objectively the potential outcomes, transforming plans into actions through realistic budgeting, and adapting tactics as conditions change, the company gets competitive advantages.

Infor d / EPM brings sophisticated software resources, very friendly for the users, for reports that enable companies to quickly consolidate global financial and not financial information. In addition, this corporate performance management application automates the generation, formatting and distribution of quality reports and management reports that meet regulatory requirements and the needs of those involved. Less time spent preparing and formatting financial reports leaves more time for analysis and management of the company.

What INFOR d/EPM does?

With Infor d/EPM you can:

• Viewing clarity with information, format it, control it and share it;
• Automate the capture and management of important information;
• Control access and visualization of key information;
• Develop a solid business strategy;
• Create realistic financial and operational plans;
• Discover how best to allocate the budget of the company and areas;
• Establish performance predictions of your company;
• Enable collaboration throughout the company to quickly create and share meaningful and executable plans;
• Assign and report on policy makers to ensure responsibility for planning at all levels of the organization;
• Align decisions and actions with strategy and monitor implementation;
• Create accurate forecasts without requiring statistical expertise by users of the software;
• Identify tendencies and seasonal patterns which can affect performance;
• Integrate financial and operational planning in one system, and test and plan for multiple business scenarios;
• Reduce the length of the budgeting cycle and increase the responsibility on the budget;
• Maintain user productivity and modeling of business users by offering the familiar Microsoft ® Excel interface;
• Ensure data accuracy and eliminate version control storing data in the centralized database and secure solution;

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