INFOR EAM | Asset Management | Maintenance Management

Whether your company is a manufacture, distributor, carrier, government entity, or service provider, you need an enterprise software asset management to help you keep your plant, machinery, equipment and working facilities in situation reliable and safe operation.

Your company need a powerful solution that can help you meet the management needs of all assets, controlling maintenance schedules, setting the purchasing needs for maintenance, managing teams to meet service goals, quality , security, compliance, environmental requirements, better inventory levels of parts for maintenance and best costs for these services. A tool that helps improve the efficiency of all the teams in the company, productivity and help you make better decisions, faster.

What is INFOR EAM?

It is a comprehensive asset management solution that allows you to keep a constant watch on the conditions and performance of each asset, evaluating the data to find deviations and anomalies in the operation of the equipment, take decisions and actions necessary to maintain the asset in perfect operation.

Over 60% of companies listed in the Fortune 500 use Infor EAM to manage preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance, using over 20 years of experience in managing assets embedded in this software.

What INFOR EAM does?

• Management of purchase and implementation of the assets in the company;
• Management of maintenance of assets, whether predictive, preventive or corrective;
• asset location management and its hierarchy within the family assets or asset to which it belongs;
• Management of assets and maintenance budget;
• Team management and maintenance work orders, inspection, installation, etc ...;
• Assists in reducing purchasing costs;
• Assists in reducing storage costs.

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