Infor ERP LN gives you the necessary tools for your company perform all operational functions and manage all processes in every department, establishment, branch or even countries, into a single platform in a single system..

Offering flexibility in operations and strength in the financial sector, Infor LN is an exceptionally versatile system that offers everything a company needs in a Business Management System. The result is an integrated system that gives you total visibility and control throughout your organization with the flexibility to make adjustments as your business evolves.

With more than 30 modules, covers:

- Financial Management and Accounting
- Sales and Purchasing Management
- Warehouse Management and Inventory
- Relationship Management with Customers and Suppliers
- Management of Product & Process Engineering
- Resources and Materials Planning Management
- Manufacturing Management
- Project management
- Service Management and Maintenance
- Technical Assistance Management
- Quality Management
- Fiscal Management, including SPEDs, EFD, ECF, Eletronic Invoice, etc ...

The Infor ERP LN, with localization for Brazil for over 20 years, is assisting several companies to manage and grow their businesses. These companies are divided into a wide range of industries such as automotive, parts and equipment, machinery, high tech, industrial projects, aerospace, among others.

What does INFOR ERP LN?

It gives you control over all aspects of their supply chain and manufacturing, from engineering to delivery. This is the result of years of investment in development to provide our customers features that bring the best controls, efficiency and the right information at the right time, for the best business decisions.

Some advantages of INFOR ERP LN

System entirely designed to work in a web environment;
- Accounting and financial consolidation of all business operations (holding);
- Automatic Management View of all company operations (holding);
- Multi Planning;
- It has an internal modeling tool (Dynamic Process Modeling), which enables the design of all process flows, automatically integrating the functionality of the system;
- Allows you to turn the system on multiple operating systems, hardware platforms and market database.
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