Tax management system

Brazil represents a very complex tax reality:

• More than 70 different taxes;
• Hundreds of accessory obligations;
• 3 levels of independent law (federal, state and municipal);
• Different tax rules for tax, business segment and geographical region;
• Dynamic legislation with thousands of changes per year;
• Project SPED (Public System of Tax Bookkeeping) in progress and one of the largest changes in Brazil for tax purposes.
This complex and unique setting, prevents market ERPs and legacy systems evolve in adherent way to the legislation with the speed required to have an acceptable reliability.

Adopting a specialist solution, and reduce the risk of non-compliance exempts the ERPs and legacy maintenance cost related tax functions.

What is the tax management system

A system that supports the tax management chain in companies from the taxation process in taxable event to the process of compliance with the inspections that occurred often years after the triggering events.

The SYNCHRO Fiscal Management System is designed to control and reduce fiscal costs and risks. Evolves adherent way to the legislation and business needs of the companies operating in the Brazilian market, ensuring functional robustness of the solution and a lower cost than the internal development and maintenance.

It is a system developed using the latest technological tendencies in the market (SOA, WEB, multiplatform, ATM) and can be purchased modularly as the need for companies, and can be integrated with any ERP market or internal development of the company.

Some advantages of the system

• Reducing the tax burden without tax evasion mechanisms;
• Reducing the cost of administration of taxes and the cost of compliance with tax obligations and inspections;
• Reducing the risk of non-compliance with tax and fiscal obligations;
• Effective treatment while avoiding duplication.

System Fatures

• Calculation / bookkeeping ICMS and IPI
• Calculation / bookkeeping income tax / social contribution
• Calculation / bookkeeping ISS
• Calculation / bookkeeping PIS / COFINS
• Calculation of federal tax compensation
• Shipments fiscal control
• Fiscal emitter
• IN86 / 68-01 SRF and IN100 / 89-03 (Manad) SRP
• Accessory obligations (federal, state, municipal and communal)
• Fiscal receipt (goods and / or services)
• Deductions for third party taxes
• Validator CNPJ / IE
• SPED Accounting
• SPED Fiscal
• EFD-PIS / Cofins
• Electronic invoice - NF-e (Mercantil)
• Electronic correction letter – CC-e
• Electronic Invoice - NF-e
• Electronic Services Invoice - NFS-e
• Electronic Bill of Transportation – CT-e

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